Lisa's Challenge this week is OWLS So here are my photos - once again, mainly from other countries as I haven't often seen owls in this country. We have periods when we hear Tawny Owls around our house for a few weeks - and then nothing for months. I have occasionally seen them on … Continue reading Lisa’s Weekly BIRD CHALLENGE: OWLS


A HUGE THANK YOU FROM ME, JAMES AND ALL AT NYERO TRAINING CENTRE Thank you so much to all of you who contributed towards the urgent work the Ministry of Education required James to complete by 15th October - for which he had no money! (If you're wondering what I'm talking about, look at my … Continue reading DONATIONS RECEIVED FOR UGANDA

A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 191, Thursday

SWITZERLAND IN THE WINTER We took my father, who was blind and aged 94, on a rail holiday to Switzerland in June 2007 which he enjoyed so much. He was delighted to visit Zermatt, just below the Matterhorn (above) where his parents had spent their honeymoon in 1905, just over a century before. We decided … Continue reading A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 191, Thursday

A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 190, Wednesday

Now this is what I call snow! We had a wonderful trip in March 2019 on one of the regular daily Norwegian Hurtigruten ferry ships which go all the way up the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes (on the Russian border) and back in 12 days. However, even in Norway, they are suffering from a … Continue reading A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 190, Wednesday

“Queen of Katwe” on BBC2 THIS AFTERNOON

This is a true and extraordinary feature film about how learning to play chess in the slums of Kampala (Uganda) transformed the lives of many children, but especially one girl who went on to become a world champion. It is filmed in Kampala and beautifully acted by local children with enormous natural talent. It is … Continue reading “Queen of Katwe” on BBC2 THIS AFTERNOON


WARNING - this is a begging post. I'm sorry. Please look at this REQUEST for urgent funds needed by Nyero Alternative Technology Training Centre in Uganda to enable it to re-open after being closed for 7 months due to the pandemic. Although it is not a government institution, Ministry of Education officials have just visited … Continue reading HELP NEEDED URGENTLY IN UGANDA

A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 180, Sunday

BRITAIN'S SEASIDE and COAST is my theme for this week. Being an island nation, the seaside is very much part of our life and culture, the place that almost everyone wants to go to for a holiday or a day's outing. Those of us stuck in the middle of the country, such as here in … Continue reading A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 180, Sunday