For background information about Uganda and visiting, click on INFORMATION FOR THOSE VISITING UGANDA.

I have created a website for Nyero Rock Alternative Technology and Vocational Training School which was founded in Kumi District by James Ikara, a friend I have known since 1992. Please take time to visit the Website and read about the amazing work they are doing.

I would encourage you to follow the moving and inspirational Blog written by Amecet Baby and Children’s Home in Soroti (Teso, Uganda). It is run by YWAM and staffed by local people as well as international volunteers. They take in babies and children who are affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS, as well as babies whose mothers died during or soon after delivery and abandoned children brought to them by the Police. They aim to get all the children back to their relatives as soon as they are strong enough and can be cared for properly. They took in Ikwenyu Angela Rose’s baby, Mercy, when Angela died in 2014 ten days after the birth from haemorrhaging and infection. They kept her for a few months whilst bottle feeding until she was big enough to take her back to Angela’s family. Angela was one of our sponsored students who had recently qualified as a Teacher. They also took in the new born baby girl of another of our old sponsored students (Angoro Irene, a Midwife) who sadly died in November 2017 after a Caesarean because of complications aggravated by sickle cell anaemia.

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