Various people have encouraged and nurtured my creativity since I was very young, the most significant being my husband, Roger, and our German friend, Sabine Bruns. Here is a random selection of some of my work over the years. [Unfortunately, the photos of paintings have been taken through glass.]

The earliest drawing I still have is one I did in a letter to my parents written from the little boarding school I attended in Uganda from the age of 7 until 9.


Before I had a good camera, my interest in flowers, and especially the wild orchids we found in Uganda between 1969-1972, motivated me to draw and paint (using watercolour paints) as many as possible. I continued during the 1980s and 1990s, doing botanical illustrations and landscapes.

John Omagor’s home in Kobwin (Teso, Uganda) in 1999. It has changed considerably since then.


When I was in Teso in 2001, staying with Kokas Osekeny and his family, and then with John Omagor and his family in Teso (Uganda), I kept a Diary and did drawings for the grandchildren (aged 2-6) and Bethany (God-daughter), which I sent home by fax.



The process of felting



Resurrection – a picture made by felting washed and dyed raw wool

A family felted picture in the style of Kandinsky. I stitched together each individual felting picture before mounting and framing them.


For an explanation of this piece of felting, click on this LINK.


2000: I designed the cope for Bishop Charles Obaikol (left) and helped design the cope for Bishop Thomas Irigei (right)

2003: Dresses I made for 5 granddaughters and Bethany (God-daughter)

Quilt & teddy bear made for Amelia Sept 2011 02

2011: Quilt and matching bear I made for Amelia (youngest grandchild) when she was born




Samples of weaving I did on a short course





Poppy: mixed media, made mainly of papier mache mixed with sand plus broken glass



2004 Trumpet vine 1 & 2 combined

Trumpet Vine (watercolour pencils)


Hibiscus (watercolour pencils)

2005: The beach at Bathsheba on the east coast of Barbados (watercolour pencils)



2014: Two cakes I made and decorated (using edible flower petals from the garden which I crystallised) for Robert’s wedding in Tubur (Teso, Uganda).


Chocolates and fudges made for Christmas


Saturday 11th April 2020

I was inspired by the beautiful artistic creations by Jon Foreman ( and enjoyed a very happy hour in the hot sunshine during the Coronavirus lockdown using some of the many stones we’ve collected over the years to make a simple artwork. Do have a look at his website.  I’ve got a long way to go before I can do anything like Jon Foreman, but this is a start!


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