Here is just one example of vote rigging in UGANDA in favour of Museveni which was repeated all across Uganda . . . .

At Rubindi Health Centre polling station (in Mbarara District, Ankole, western Uganda), there were 353 voters registered.

Now look at the photo below of the Declaration of Results (DR) form and you will see how it has been altered. The electoral officer originally, falsely, alleged Museveni (aka M7) had polled 378 votes (known as “stuffing votes”). S/he must then have realised that this wouldn’t work as there were only 353 registered to vote of whom only 267 had actually voted!

So what did s/he do? Reduced the number of votes allocated to Museveni to 178 instead of 378, which meant changing lots of numbers as you can clearly see on the DR. So who knows how many votes were really cast for M7?! Multiply this by thousands of polling stations across the country doing the same thing and you can see how M7 “won” the Presidential Election on 14th January 2021.

In addition, at this same polling station in Rubindi, NUP vice president Jolly Mugisha states in her affidavit that she saw money (1000 UGX) being handed out to voters as they stood in line waiting to vote.

Ankole, where this fraudulent DR form comes from, is the region that Museveni comes from and where he has traditionally had a lot of support. But I have read a Tweet in which someone from Ankole said the people of Ankole were not free to show their opposition to M7.

Here are more DR forms which have been altered. Not very subtle, is it?!