At last, the Church of Uganda (through Archbishop Kaziimba) speaks out about two murders – and the attempted murder of Gen Katumba – and asks for an investigation, saying that all life is important (see

But WHY hasn’t he spoken out before about ALL the murders, tortures, abductions and human rights abuses affecting thousands of innocent Ugandans just because they support the opposition, NUP? Is he perhaps biased? If “all life is important”, then why doesn’t he speak out irrespective of party politics?

I am sure many people have opinions about the reasons behind the silence of the COU concerning the terrible suffering of so many Ugandans who have the courage to speak out against Museveni and his repressive military regime.

The only thing I am aware of that the COU has complained about is the closing of places of worship for public prayer for 6 weeks because of the serious second spike of COVID infections! Stopping gatherings of people in buildings is normal across the world in an effort to protect people and the health services from COVID so why are they complaining about this?!

What a shame they don’t publicly complain about the torture and illegal detention of even just one NUP supporter. (I am, actually, a Lay Canon in the Church of Uganda, so I am not a complete outsider, but speak with a sense of shame, anger and despair.)