Amelia aged 5 (taken by Becky, my eldest grandchild)

Amelia (my youngest grandchild, born in October 2011) shares our interest in nature. “I love nature so much. Do you, Gran?” We have decided to create a series of Nature Photo Books which will be a record for us of the happy times we spend together exploring the world around us, but which I hope will also be valuable reference books for her in the future. Although I keep telling her otherwise, she still thinks I know everything! I have often had to search the internet for more information, so her interest has stretched me and my knowledge considerably!

Here are extracts from the first four books:
Amelia and Gran’s First Nature Book – mostly flowers and insects (June 2017)
Amelia and Gran’s Second Nature Book – the seaside in Pembrokeshire (July 2017)
Amelia and Gran’s Third Nature Book – from coast to Midland nature reserves, insects to birds, and so much more, in all seasons (June 2017 to March 2018)
Amelia and Gran’s Fourth Nature Book – Bempton Cliffs and Buxton Country Park (May and July 2018)