AFTER COVID, WHAT NEXT? Petition to sign for change

We MUST NOT return to the status quo.

But it’s only TOGETHER that we can build up the MOMENTUM FOR CHANGE.

I have just published an OPEN LETTER online for EVERYONE across the world to sign, calling for “an EMERGENCY SPECIAL SESSION of the UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY to plan for a better future.”

To show how much you care about future generations and the planet, please read and sign the full petition by CLICKING HERE:

* Be amongst the privileged first 100 out of millions to sign it!
* But PLEASE don’t leave it at that. SHARE the letter TODAY as widely as possible (the link is below), not just by email and on social media, but amongst organisations, groups etc across the world and in the press, radio and TV (local and national) etc.
* Think big and act quickly!
* Watch the momentum build up. Keep sharing it and check on how many have signed.
* Be part of something big which you can be proud of.

THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO CREATE a better world for the children of the world.

For more photos that I have taken of children around the world, click on this LINK.

So far, only six have signed, the first target being 100!

The Link for copying and sharing by email or on social media is: