BREAD OF LIFE – an animated reflection

A NEW SHORT ANIMATED FILM added to my collection…..

Only today, someone asked if I was working on an animated video project as she hadn’t seen any more videos from me for a long time! Well, here is the next one – and perhaps the last?

I have just completed a ‘big’ project, making a 6 minute animated video called “BREAD OF LIFE – a Reflection” which you can watch on YouTube.

Unlike my Lockdown Movies, which were for fun, this film has a serious purpose – to help us reflect on the inclusiveness and generosity of God in Jesus Christ, which is in contrast to how exclusive and separated from the world much of the Christian Church has become over the past 2000 years. This is especially a problem in terms of membership, worship and services, and restrictions about who can receive the bread and wine of Communion. The restrictions are so much worse in some parts of the world, such as in Uganda where Christians are no longer allowed to receive Communion once they have had a traditional wedding ceremony.

Even though many of us have been watching and participating in Mass / Eucharist / Holy Communion live on our computers and TVs at home during lockdown, the Churches have never suggested we share in communion by taking, breaking and eating bread in our homes at the appropriate point in the service when the priest consecrates the bread. Why not? It has become more exclusive than ever – for the celebrating priest only.

I should be grateful for comments and hope that my amateurish video nevertheless stimulates conversations about breaking down the barriers the Christian Church has put up.