The earliest drawing I still have is one I did in a letter to my parents written from the little boarding school I attended in Uganda from the age of 7 until 9.

I entered the painting of Autumn leaves in a competition when I was eleven.

Before I had a good camera, my interest in flowers, and especially the wild orchids we found in Uganda between 1969-1972, motivated me to draw and paint (using watercolour paints) as many as possible. [Unfortunately, the photos of paintings have been taken through glass.]


I continued doing botanical illustrations and landscapes during the 1980s and 1990s.


We have some of my paintings displayed on the walls of our lounge and craft room.


John Omagor’s home in Kobwin (Teso, Uganda) in 1999. It has changed considerably since then.


When I was in Teso in 2001, staying with Kokas Osekeny and his family, and then with John Omagor and his family in Teso (Uganda), I kept a Diary and did drawings for the grandchildren (aged 2-6) and Bethany (God-daughter), which I sent home by fax.


Some ‘exercises’ and studies.



I have increasingly found that I can express my spirituality and prayers through drawing instead of words. Here are a few I have done since about 2017.


In 2020, the BBC broadcast two evenings of live life drawing classes which I very much enjoyed. Along with some guidance and instruction, different tasks, techniques and poses were presented, giving anything from one minute to fifteen minutes to complete.