On 8th April 2020, during the Coronvirus crisis and lockdown, I started posting one of my photos each day, selected from the past at random and usually for no particular reason except that I liked them and hoped that others would also enjoy them. Then, from the fourth week, I decided to choose a theme for each week. Please scroll down below the list of themes to see all the photos I have posted this year, starting with the most recent. There is more text in the actual Posts – click on UPDATES if you want to access the originals.

The themes have been:

Weeks 1, 2 & 3: 8th – 25th April – Random photos
Week 4:    26th April – 2nd May – Birds of the world
Week 5:    3rd – 9th May – Landscapes (world)
Week 6:    10th – 16th May – Children of the world
Week 7:    17th-23rd May – Butterflies of UK and Europe
Week 8:    24th – 30th May – Uganda (mixed)
Week 9:    31st May-6th June – Wild flowers of UK
Week 10: 7th – 13th June – Norway

WEEK 10: 7th – 13th June 2020

NORWAY is my favourite country – because of its people, way of life and culture, its wildness, beauty and rich variety of landscapes and seascapes. You can go for miles without seeing any people or houses – and when you do see houses, they are so picturesque, built of wood and often brightly painted, sometimes on stilts at the water’s edge. The sea and majestic fjords are sprinkled with thousands of rocky islands, mostly uninhabited, and there are lakes and rivers amongst the mountains and high plateaux.

I first fell in love with Norway and everything Norwegian when, as a student, I spent a few weeks south of Oslo (the capital) in 1964 as a volunteer working with an international team landscaping the grounds of a new centre of young girls with babies. Then in the 1980s, our family made a “blind date” with a Norwegian family of six, the Sekkesæters, who live in Trondheim. The first year, they stayed with us in Nottingham and we gave them a holiday exploring the Midlands and North Yorkshire. The next year, they gave us a wonderful holiday in Norway – and we’ve never looked back, enjoying many holidays together and on our own in our campervan. Due to their right-to-roam laws, you are allowed to stop overnight anywhere providing you are more than 150m from any houses. We have ‘camped’ in so many beautiful and remote spots with only birds and otters anywhere near us, and so many different wild fruits to harvest.

My problem this week will be choosing just a few photos!

WEEK 9: 31st May – 6th June 2020

Wildflowers of England: I have always been interested in wild flowers and by my mid-teens, I knew the names of most flowers in England although I have forgotten many of them now!


WEEK 8: 24th – 30th May 2020

UGANDA: As you will be aware, if you know me or have looked through this website, Uganda is my second home in many ways. And I should have been in Uganda right now, spending a few days with Felicity Lawson and Robert Okiror touring some of the National Parks after two weeks on a SOMA mission in Soroti Diocese.

So this week’s theme will be Uganda – photos from some of the National Parks. Again, I might find myself cheating and putting on more than one photo a day as I shall struggle to choose just seven photos out of many hundreds!


WEEK 7: 17th – 23rd May 2020

This week’s photos are BUTTERFLIES of the UK and Europe.


WEEK 6: 10th – 16th May 2020

The theme this week is Children of the World.

Babies and young children so beautiful that I cannot resist taking photos of them, even if they aren’t my own children and grandchildren! But as I look back on many of these photos, I wonder what their lives are like now – or whether some of them are even still alive: are they going to school? have they got enough to eat? have they been orphaned? are they happy and carefree? And I also wonder what their lives will be like if they ever reach my age of 75. As I look at some of my photos, I notice how many of the children (many of whom I don’t know) look pensive or worried or sad already. What have they experienced and suffered already? Is that how childhood should be?

For the full explanation of this week’s theme, please look at the original post on 10th May.


I ended this week’s theme of Children of the World with a photo of my eight grandchildren who have grown up so safe and happy in a privileged environment and using more than their fair share of the world’s resources. But that isn’t their fault – any more than it is the fault of the billions of children who are growing up living in poverty, malnourished because of famine and drought due to climate change, often sick, perhaps homeless, refugees or migrants, or living in fear in conflict zones. So many have no opportunities, often due to lack of even basic education, and have a hopeless future – unlike my grandchildren, some of whom already have good jobs or are at university, while the youngest three are still at school. The holes in the girls’ jeans are designer holes which they’ve paid for, not worn out old jeans because they can’t afford new ones! There are so many gross inequalities in the world – even in the UK. The contrast between my grandchildren and the other children whose photos I have shared this week is enormous.

“It’s not fair”.
“Life’s not fair. You just have to get used to it.”

Really?? Agreed – life isn’t fair. But no one should get used to it and accept that as a maxim by which to live. We should object to the unfairness in the world and work to make it a fairer world for all. But how?!?! At least my grandchildren are growing up aware of the contrasts. Three of the older ones have even been to Teso with me several times and done voluntary work.


WEEK 5: 3rd – 9th May 2020

The theme this week is LANDSCAPES.


WEEK 4:  26th April – 2nd May, 2020

Instead of posting photos at random, I am going to start posting photos on a different theme each week. I will start this week with Birds of the World – or at least, those parts of the world I have been privileged enough to visit!

In the winter, thousands of starlings come together just before dusk and perform an amazing aerial dance for about twenty minutes before they drop out of the sky into the reeds below to roost for the night in safety. You could watch this short VIDEO I made a year ago.

I cheated today and posted a series of photos of a Goldcrest bathing in our little pond just outside my study window. I was so lucky to see it, and that the photos came out so well even though taken through double-glazing. The Goldcrest, along with the almost identical Firecrest, is the smallest bird in Europe, weighing only 5-6gm, the same weight as a British 50p coin.


WEEK 3:  19th – 25th April 2020


 WEEK 2:  12th (Easter Day) – 18th April 2020


WEEK 1:  8th – 11th April 2020