GOD MOVING WITHIN – a felting picture

Back in September 2018, I did a drawing whilst I was on my own in the campervan in Derbyshire for ten days. It was a development of an earlier insight and expressed how God is the core of our being and moves within us.


I have now completed a felting picture which expresses how God is moving within – and beyond – the core of my being.

I love the technique of making felt from fine, soft sheep’s wool (already washed, carded and dyed). I place layers of background wool on bubble-wrap and then build up the design using more dyed wool and a few other strips of fabric. When the design is complete, I sprinkle warm soapy water over the wool, place some more bubble-wrap on top and then start rubbing gently all over it with the palms of my hands. Once the wool begins to felt and ‘stick’ together, I can be more vigorous and roll it up again and again. This process of felting the wool fibres together takes about an hour. After washing the soapy water out of the felt and drying it, I then stitched on a few extra embellishments to bring out the design.

The finished piece of felting brings the concept of God moving within me alive.