OUTLINE OF CHAPTERS 4-9 (1967-1991)

Chapter 4: Early Married Life (1967-1968)

Includes living and working in a Quaker boarding school in Cumbria, adjusting to marriage (including sexual problems), the difficult birth of our first child and early motherhood, decision to move to Uganda.

Chapter 5: Living in Uganda (1969-1972)

Includes moving to Uganda, the struggles of not fitting in and being the only family (at first) in a school run by extreme evangelical teachers; the birth of our second child; the deteriorating situation as Amin’s reign of terror took hold; leaving Uganda in a hurry with the last of the Asians who were expelled by Amin.

Chapter 6: Settling in Loughborough (1973-1979)

The urgency to find a home and work after the trauma of leaving Uganda with no plans and having a miscarriage; settling into a very different way of life, including voluntary work; further spiritual and ethical explorations; active involvement in a church for the first time, growing awareness of the Holy Spirit; birth of our third child; on-going contact with Uganda and campaigning for the British Government to stop supporting Amin.

Chapter 7: Lindley Lodge – Living and Working in a Community (1979-1981)

One of the most formative, but also stressful, periods of our life as we learnt much about group work and personal development training for young apprentices whilst living as a Christian Community.

Chapter 8: Nottingham and Theological Training (1981-1984)

Growing as a family through a time of great change and challenge, including training at St John’s Theological College for ministry in the Church of England and times of self-doubt.

Chapter 9: First paid work as a Parish Lay Minister (1984-1991)

First paid employment – as a Parish Worker at St Leonard’s, Nottingham, using the skills and experiences gained at Lindley Lodge; reflections, work and writing on marriage; experiencing the pain of once again being given a prophetic role.  Our daughter, just before she was 16, visited Uganda  and got caught up in the coup of 1985. Became aware of the crisis and desperate suffering in Teso (a region in north eastern Uganda I had never visited) and started to get involved.