I was born and brought up in Uganda (Mbarara) from 1944 to 1954 as my parents were teaching at Mbarara High School. Roger and I went to live and work in Kabale for four years from 1969, travelling out with our first baby, Peter. Tessa was born in Kampala seven months after our arrival. We had to leave in a hurry at the end of 1972 when the British Government withdrew all its employees because of the dangerous situation caused by Idi Amin.

Since 1989, I have been deeply involved in Teso (a region in north eastern Uganda) in a variety of ways and now have many close friends there, as well as several ‘homes’ with families who have given me a strong sense of belonging. So although my earlier part of life was spent in south western Uganda, Teso is where I actually feel home is in Uganda.

My first home, and first family, are all in the UK, in the East Midlands.

I now visit Teso about once a year, usually taking other people with me. I always write a diary whilst in Teso for those back home who are interested. However, only the more recent DIARIES (2017, 2018 and 2019) are on my website.

Go to CRISIS IN UGANDA for information about the serious violations of human rights and the breakdown of democracy connected with the Presidential Elections held on 14th January 2021. Follow the links on that page for further news and details of actions you can take.

For general information about Uganda, click HERE.

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