“Why We Are Coming” by Yasin Kakande

Why We Are Coming” is a well-researched and interesting book by Yasin Kakande (his third), a Ugandan writer and journalist living as an asylum-seeker and, like so many migrants, currently working as a carer in the USA.

The overall theme is about migration and why there have been mass movements of people around the world over the past few centuries, including slavery and colonialisation. Various forms of enslavement of Africans and Asians still exists, particularly in the West and Middle East.

He points out how Europeans in huge numbers entered so many countries in Africa and Asia and took over, without any permission or visas etc, imposing their cultures, religion and politics, and plundering their resources. Now that African and Asians, quite naturally, want to move to their colonising nations, they find tight restrictions and a lack of welcome while their countries are still being controlled by Western powers who use them like puppets and manipulate their politics for their own benefits.

Yasin draws mainly on his wide knowledge and experience of Africa, with more in-depth examples from his own country of Uganda, as well as his experiences of living in the Middle East and USA. It is not always a comfortable book to read but it has many important insights and historical information and has much to say that is relevant to the current breakdown of democracy in Uganda and how and why the West is maintaining the military regime and dictator, Museveni, in power.

Self-published and available on Amazon (Kindle or paperback), the Amazon description says: “Why We Are Coming points toward an enlightened path away from corporate greed, exploitation, and plunder. Kakande calls for a renewed political conversation about why so many Africans look westward and how their plight informs the world about similar migrations. His charm and gripping experience bring even those who hadn’t considered their role into the journey.”

Also see Yasin Kakande’s website.