Wednesday 12th May 2021 is a very sad day for Uganda.


Tomorrow, Wednesday 12th May 2021 is a very sad day for Uganda. Why?

Because Museveni (aka M7), who seriously rigged the Presidential elections in UGANDA on 14th January, has planned his swearing-in ceremony tomorrow, in spite of all the evidence that indicates that Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) won the election and is therefore the one who should be sworn in. Already, in preparation, the security forces are being deployed in threatening numbers and Bobi Wine has heard of more than 50 more of his supporters who have been abducted in the last two nights. And Bobi Wine’s home is surrounded by a strong military presence again.

Thanks to Bobi Wine’s absolute commitment to non-violence and servant-leadership, the violence has been limited to M7’s security forces beating, abducting, torturing, poisoning and killing thousands of opposition NUP supporters instead of erupting into civil war as has always happened before in Uganda and most other countries ruled by a despot.

NUP supporters have organised a DAY OF FASTING and PRAYING for Uganda tomorrow, covering the swearing-in ceremony. “Our Fasting Scripture is 2 Chronicles 7:14.”

I am disgusted by Boris Johnson’s chatty letter today (see below) to M7 as though they are close friends, without any mention of human rights abuses and democracy being upheld.

I won’t hold my breath to see if any of our UK TV channels mention anything about the ceremony and the flaunting of democracy which is so much worse than in Myanmar. They have never yet reported on the situation. With great difficulty, I found this article written by a Ugandan journalist for the BBC’s Africa news, which is very bland. The BBC refuses to send in an independent, experienced, non-partisan non-Ugandan reporter who will be safer than any Ugandan journalist. This is a much more balanced article which is worth reading.

I have had little response to my request for information about those who have signed the Petition to establish just how many signatures have failed to be registered by The Petition is still running and needs many signatures and shares. If you haven’t yet got around to doing it, please sign now.