The name of my website, “Crossing Cultures, Finding Freedom”, is also the title of my autobiography which I have been writing over the past few years. I am at last getting close to completing the first draft, but there is still so much editing and formatting to do!

Extracts and outlines of the book can be accessed by clicking on the links below or using the menu at the top.


To read extracts and outlines of the earlier Chapters, go to these links:

Readers needed, please!

I am exploring ways of getting my Autobiography published. However, there is much more work to do on it before getting to that stage! In particular, I need a variety of people, including people who don’t know me at all or perhaps not very well, to read through it, please, to critique it in various ways. If, after having read the Prologue and extracts, you would be interested in helping me in this way, please contact me using the form below.

4 thoughts on “AUTOBIOGRAPHY

  1. Great story Margaret. Lots of things resonate: ‘Cheer up – it might never happen’ – so may times was that said to me! And I wonder what size your feet are – I suffered having to pad out hand-me-down shoes with cotton wool as a child, and still have feet too small for adult shoes 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas with all your family. Nicola x

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  2. interesting to read!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2018
    Missing you and your wonderful family.
    I know God will one day reconnect us together again.
    You are always in our minds.

    Regards from Jessie(my wife), Katelyn(my first child whom you know), Kharis(the second child whom my wife took her seed when she visited me in Loughborough), and our last child who is our only boy Kaiden.

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