It is mostly Ugandans who are signing the petition, which is encouraging for non-Ugandans to know. We can be reassured that we are not “interfering” but are supporting and adding weight to the voices of Ugandans who are desperate for the world to act to help bring about change through non-violent means and an end to the daily abductions, torture and killings. There has never been a peaceful change of government and leader in Uganda over the past 55 years (since Independence in 1963) which is further reason for the rest of the world to do all we can to support the peaceful and lawful transition which so many Ugandans are longing for. I get many “tweets” of appreciation from Ugandans for standing by them and speaking out.

Edward: The reality in Uganda today is that arbitrary arrest is increasingly the order of the day and it must stop. The victims of the regime must be released from custody and the families of the ones lost be restituted.
The election did not resolve the issues because it was not free or fair. The aftermath has only exacerbated the situation. Free Uganda.
Respect for human rights and freedoms, also to put and end to state abduction of citizens.

Ethel: It’s Time We Speak Up for Each Other.

Grace: Uganda deserves better. 35 years of dictatorship is a nightmare, people living in hell with no end in sight. Their livelihood stollen from them as youth are killed, kidnapped, detained daily by corrupt and decayed institutions that can’t protect citizens.

Jim: I do not believe that the elections were free and fair and the junta is violating the rights of Ugandans in its bid to get legitimacy.

Steve: I’m signing because president Museveni is murdering Ugandans for not voting for him.


PLEASE KEEP SHARING THE PETITION and encouraging people to sign:

Sharing the petition does work. On the days I haven’t shared it, there have been only two or three signatures, sometimes none. Last night, I shared it many times on Twitter which has resulted in 25 signatures in just 12 hours! The total is now 1,258. So sharing on social media does work. I am not very active on Instagram, so it would be a great help if some of you could post on Instagram every day, using hashtags, please.