Thank you so much to the 92 people from around the world who have signed the petition so far – we really appreciate your support.

Friends in Uganda have been trying to sign and share but not many have been successful so far because of internet problems due to government interference. Some also fear repercussions.

The situation in Uganda has been debated in the EU Parliament. Meanwhile, more and more people are disappearing and being tortured.

Disappointingly, 92 signatures is less than 1% of the 10,200 people who have viewed the petition! I don’t know if this is a normal response rate, but if it is, it means we need 100,000 people to view it just to get 1,000 signatures. This feels daunting, but with everyone’s help, I’m sure we can achieve this – and then go beyond. If you haven’t already signed and shared the petition extensively, please share it on Facebook, Twitter (share it in response to any posts you see on Twitter about Uganda), Instagram, Linkedin, personal emails etc. And keep sharing it again and again, to remind people. And use the sample letter to lobby MPs and others.

If you are able to make a small contribution to, then that will enable to share the peition with people outside our contacts who have an interest in human rights etc.

Thank you for your support which means a lot to Ugandans, especially those who can’t speak out themselves.