on behalf of millions of Ugandans who are powerless
to speak out amidst violations of human rights.

Ugandans are crying out for the world to help them end the brutality of a military regime by peaceful means after the breakdown of democracy following the Presidential Election on 14th January 2021.

We appreciate that everyone is struggling in so many ways, not least because of the global COVID pandemic and other big issues such as climate change. But what is going on in Uganda has not hit the international headlines.

This grass-roots campaign is NOT about taking political sides, but about asking for a return to democracy and justice, and the end to the gross violations of human rights.


1.  SIGN the INTERNATIONAL PETITION on and then SHARE the link as widely as possible throughout the world, especially on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, email etc. Please continue to share it as often as possible!

 3.  LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN to the UK Parliament (or your own government) concerning the breakdown of democracy in Uganda.

  1. If you are resident in the UK, adapt or use this letter to send by email to Rt Hon Dominic Raab with a copy to your MP and attach this Briefing Document with supporting evidence and information.
  2. Use this sample letter to email your MP and attach this Briefing Document to provide them with supporting evidence and information.
  3. Write to the BBC News, ITV News and Channel 4 News, adapting and using this letter to ask why they are not covering the situation in Uganda.

4.  PUBLICISE THIS CAMPAIGN amongst all your friends and contacts by sharing the link to this page.

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If everyone who reads this can act in at least one way and then send the information to at least ten more people who will act and so on, we shall soon have thousands around the globe crying out on behalf of Ugandans who cannot speak out for themselves. This will hasten the return of democracy and peace to Uganda.

On behalf of Ugandans who have no voice, thank you very much for reading this.