CROSSING CULTURES, FINDING FREEDOM is the name of my Autobiography which I have been in the process of writing over the past few years. You can read some extracts and outlines of chapters on this LINK.

I am still crossing cultures and still searching for freedom – it’s an on-going story, so you will find some of my REFLECTIONS and drawings HERE.

I was born in Uganda in 1944 and have spent much of my life there. Although I and my family all live in or near Loughborough (in the East Midlands of the UK), my home in Uganda is in the region of Teso, in north-eastern Uganda, which I still visit regularly.

So that you can follow all updates I make to my website, I have changed the layout so that any additions, such as photos, reflections, news and information, will now first appear as Blog Posts on the UPDATES page. In time, I will then move them (but not usually remove them) to the relevant pages which you can still easily access. I hope this will work better for everyone. Check on UGANDA for information, photos, links and personal updates from Uganda, including the DIARIES we wrote during my most recent visits to Teso, in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

One of my main interests is photography, especially anything to do with NATURE as well as unusual pictures of patterns, textures and colours. Since Lockdown started, I have been posting daily photographs which I have also added to the GALLERY. You will also find links in relevant places to a larger selection of my photos on Flickr.

Amelia, my youngest grandchild (born in 2011) is also passionate about nature and enjoys spending time with me looking for little creatures and tiny flowers. She looks at everything with a magnifying glass and asks me to take close up photographs so that we can enjoy the amazing details. We have started to write a series of NATURE PHOTO BOOKS.  We have now completed four and hope there will be more books to come!

Various people have encouraged and nurtured the creative side of my personality over the years. At different times, I have enjoyed experimenting with different media. Sadly, many of my favourite paintings and drawings from the 1980s-90s were sold in a small exhibition I had – not having expected to sell any, I hadn’t kept any record of them! Some of my creations are displayed on the ART AND CRAFTS page.

I enjoy travelling and will add photos to the TRAVEL page from time to time.

Perhaps you would like to join the Facebook Group, “Crossing Cultures, Finding Freedom” to share thoughts and ideas.

Throughout this website, if you click on pictures, you will see full size pictures with captions.

I appreciate getting enquiries and constructive feedback. Thank you.

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