I felt inspired whilst at Mt St Bernard’s Abbey on Friday, 8th March to reflect on and write some thoughts about God and God’s relationship with Creation and with all Humanity.

God is and was and always will be,
without beginning, without any ending,
contained within self, yet flowing ever out.
Beyond all naming, God is all and God is in all.

God, the Word, Creator and Spirit,
incarnate in and through all Creation,
matter and spirit, seen and unseen,
unimaginably small and infinitely vast.
Creator of both darkness and light, hidden and revealed,
beyond all knowing, yet yearning to be known.

Within God’s own self, a relationship of love,
creating, sustaining, sharing and giving all life,
out there and in here, always and now.
God indescribable, yet his glory revealed
within each one and every small thing.

Forever God’s power and freedom expanding,
creating and moving, enfolding, unfolding;
humanity created in God’s own image and likeness.
But given God’s freedom, independence and choice,
God’s holy image is distorted and marred.

Willingly constrained within all creation,
the Word was made flesh, in Jesus the Christ.
Vulnerable and weak in rejection and death,
True Image of love forever made known.
Within the very centre,
the sharing of God’s self in intimate depth.

God in relationship, within and without,
loving and suffering, giving and grieving.
Broken apart to bring all together,
to end separation, to show us the Way,
through death and despair to hope and new life,
nothing excluded, all are included.

God, who is all and in all without ending,
is worthy to be honoured, acknowledged and praised
in humility and holiness, with wonder and awe.
All worship and glory to God within us, to God in creation,
be given by all, with love and adoration.
Hallelujah, Amen. Hallelujah, Amen.