I wrote my last Blog ten days ago, as Madagascar was preparing for Cyclone Batsirai which hit the east coast on Saturday night and swept inland on Sunday 6th February.

The coastal areas suffered the worst effects and at least 92 people are known to have been killed, 60,000 are homeless and many schools and hospitals have been damaged and even destroyed. My friend, Patrick, said the night was terrifying as they have never experienced such violent winds. But being inland, they didn’t suffer as much damage.



If you read my last post, you will remember we were launching the crowdfunding page to raise start-up funds for Patrick’s exciting plans to scale-up the sustainable production of eco-charcoal briquettes from organic waste materials and fuel-efficient clay stoves. These two products will help:

  • reduce deforestation (due to the need for firewood and making charcoal for cooking);
  • reduce pollution (caused by making traditional charcoal);
  • use organic waste materials in the making of alternative eco-charcoal briquettes;
  • reduce charcoal consumption by producing fuel-efficient clay stoves;
  • provide more employment;
  • make cooking cheaper and
  • protect the environment and Madagascar’s unique nature which is under threat – in addition to saving trees, 50% of the profits will go into conservation projects (Blue-eyed Lemurs in the NW) and planting trees.

THE GOOD NEWS is that we received £1,252 in the first week – which is half the target we set! 

So a big thank you to the 20 who have made a donation – and to all who have shared the fundraiser amongst friends and on social media.

Our friend Sarah Fencott has made a short video explaining the project. It’s worth watching – and sharing.

The first half in any funding campaign is always the easiest to raise but then it’s hard to keep up the momentum! So we need a boost now. If you had intended to donate (even £5/$5/€5 will make a difference) or share the crowdfunding link amongst friends and on all social media platforms, it’s not too late!! We would be very grateful for any help you can give us to get such a worthwhile project off the ground, please.

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