We are living in extraordinary times of suffering and darkness which is affecting the whole world. No one is untouched. What does it all mean? I don't think there is any "meaning" or "purpose" in the pandemic caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), although there are undoubtedly important things we can learn from it. One thing … Continue reading THE PROMISE OF A RAINBOW


Barbara Holmes (an American Black activist and theologian) has said: "Even as a member of an oppressed community, you're always an individual, but during a crisis of this magnitude, you do not have the luxury of responding as an individual. Suffering [of community in crisis] cannot be absorbed by individuals, no matter how tenuous and … Continue reading LIVING AND SUFFERING AS A GLOBAL COMMUNITY

A PROPHETIC PRAYER for the current global crisis

I have not written this beautiful and profound 'prayer' myself - I wish I had! Someone shared it on Facebook, so I don't even know know who Kitty O'Meara is. It is written in an Old Testament prophetic style. "And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made … Continue reading A PROPHETIC PRAYER for the current global crisis


Years of waiting, months of uncertain anticipation, hours of labour are over as the baby is finally pushed out into this world. It’s a boy. But the seconds waiting, with bated breath, for the loud cry which indicates his first intake of breath feel interminable. It’s a breath in, not out. Everything from this moment … Continue reading BREATH OF LIFE

BLACK AND WHITE – tyrants or oppressed?

When thinking about "Crossing Cultures", there is so often a cultural boundary based on colour rather than differences in culture. Rev. Dr. James Cone, an American Black theologian who died in 2018, wrote:“Any message that is not related to the liberation of the poor in a society is not Christ’s message. Any theology that is … Continue reading BLACK AND WHITE – tyrants or oppressed?


Denis the Areopagite (late 5th to early 6th Century) wrote about plunging into the darkness: terrifying - if darkness is only about evil and death, meaningless suffering or getting lost. I remember walking back along a track late one night with a Ugandan friend to where I was staying. It had just stopped raining but … Continue reading PLUNGE INTO DARKNESS – Finding Freedom

A Universal Pattern by Richard Rohr

I wanted to share today's meditation by Richard Rohr, just as he wrote it, as I think it is so important. Christ is before all things, and in Christ all things hold together. —Colossians 1:17 Anything called “Good News” needs to reveal a universal pattern that can be relied upon, and not just clannish patterns … Continue reading A Universal Pattern by Richard Rohr


Which is the most important Christian festival: Christmas, Good Friday or Easter? Or even Ascension Day or Pentecost? Commercially and in modern western culture at least, it is Christmas, followed by Easter. Although Good Friday is still officially a Bank Holiday in the UK, the retail industry ignores that, while Pentecost (Whitsun) and Ascension are … Continue reading CHRISTMAS REFLECTION


Thursday to Monday, 21st – 25th November Robert and I left Soroti (and Teso itself) early on Thursday morning having fulfilled most of my expectations (and some of others’) during my three weeks in Teso. But it’s impossible to meet everyone who wants to see me. Even if there were time, I don’t have the … Continue reading TESO DIARY Part 8


Monday to Wednesday, 18th – 20th November: Soroti We picked up James Ikara, his wife Elizabeth and little Margaret, who had travelled from Nyero, from Soroti and set off for the little trading centre of Adamasiko between Arapai and Tubur for the great celebration and workshop that Joel Odongo had organised for the project he … Continue reading TESO DIARY Part 7