A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 191, Thursday


We took my father, who was blind and aged 94, on a rail holiday to Switzerland in June 2007 which he enjoyed so much. He was delighted to visit Zermatt, just below the Matterhorn (above) where his parents had spent their honeymoon in 1905, just over a century before. We decided to do the same holiday in January 2011, a year after he died, to remember him and see how different it was in the winter. Here are some photos from that winter holiday.


6 thoughts on “A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 191, Thursday

    • It would be even more amazing if we were all in Zermatt on the same day!! Can you remember, or see from your photos when you were there? We were there on 24th June 2007. My father’s parents had their honeymoon in Zermatt in 1905 but we didn’t have enough information to identify the hotel they stayed in! It is a very beautiful country, isn’t it. Since we rarely get proper snow now, it was wonderful to re-visit in the winter.

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  1. Lovely photos, Margaret. And what lovely associations…
    I think I remember your father – Clement? I seem to remember he left provision in his will to fulfil his commitment to the TESS student he was sponsoring?? I was very impressed.

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    • Thank you. He did actually just finish sponsoring his student before he died. But he had a real gift for carpentry and DIY and told me to take all his lovely tools out to Emmanuel as he happened to be doing a vocational course in Carpentry and Joinery. That was just a lovely coincidence as he started sponsoring Emmanuel in S1 before he had decided what vocational course to do. I think the person you are thinking about was Bernard Pinnock who sponsored four girls and left provision for them in his will in case he died before they had finished. At least one of them hadn’t finished because she went to university, so her fees etc were all provided for, which was such a generous and forward-thinking thing to do. My father, Clement Pain, was active in the Uganda Church Association for many years – is that where you remember him from?


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