Here is my contribution to Lisa Coleman’s weekly bird challenge which, this week is Woodpeckers. This includes Flickers, Flamebacks, Goldenbacks and Sapsuckers although I have never seen any of the latter.

We are fortunate to occasionally get Green Woodpeckers and Great Spotted Woodpeckers in our garden in Leicestershire (UK).


Other Woodpeckers I have seen around the world…..


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  2. These woodpeckers are awesome! I really need to win the lottery so I can travel once the pandemic is over. Seeing new species would be a whole new lifestyle. Great gallery of images! 🙂


    • Thank you, Lisa. I believe the USA has such a wide variety of environments and habitats that you have about twice the number of bird species that we have in Britain. But I agree, there are so many more to be seen in the rest of the world. I hope you get the chance one day. We didn’t start travelling until we retired and our children had all left home!

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      • Sometimes 8-10 at a time. We have seen over 50 species around our house or on our street over the past 11 years. Maybe more that I just didn’t add to We live in a subdivision in town but we have yards that are on large lots with lots of trees. Plenty of cover for the small birds but it draws the predators too. We have all the insects too! Grasshoppers, butterflies, ladybugs, ants, wasps, and other critters like lizards & frogs. Last year, we had so much grass damage that a flock of white ibis came and foraged for a week and ate everything in our yard. It was the perfect natural pesticide you could ask for. 😊


      • That sounds wonderful. I assume you have lots of photos. Could you do a series of your garden birds? Maybe it would encourage others to look for what birds are visiting their gardens as well as be fascinating for people like me who live in another country. Did you get photos of the White Ibis on your grass? That sounds like a treat to me!

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      • That sounds like a great idea! I’ve featured many of them in my Bird Weekly post but haven’t made a post about the birds in my yard. They arrive at different seasons because we are in the path of spring and fall migration. I have added it to a bird weekly for later in the year. Thank you for the suggestion.
        I have a photo of the white ibises. I will have to find it. Haven’t come across it. It may be on my old phone.


      • That must be wonderful to be on one of the migratory routes. We are right in the middle of the UK, so don’t get many migrating birds. And being a relatively small island, circumstances can change and be so affected by weather systems in the southern Atlantic or Siberia etc.

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