In the midst of so much poverty and suffering, corruption and violence in Uganda, there is also so much goodness, which gives hope and inspiration. Let me tell you about some of these "little, insignificant, ordinary" people from Teso (in north eastern Uganda) who are making a difference in their own families and communities on … Continue reading HOPE AND INSPIRATION IN UGANDA


With only ten days left before Uganda's Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on 14th January, Catholic Archbishop Lwanga has called all Ugandans to three days of prayer and fasting starting tomorrow (Monday, January 4th). Elections are held every five years. President Museveni (aged 76) has now been in power for nearly 35 years having changed the … Continue reading PRAYER AND FASTING IN UGANDA


  Lisa's challenge this week is BIRDS with BLACK FEATHERS. There are so many birds with black feathers, so I am going to limit myself to Corvids and Seabirds. I'm still going to indulge myself (if not all of you!) When going through my photos, I was very tempted to slip in one or two … Continue reading Lisa’s Weekly BIRD CHALLENGE: Birds with BLACK FEATHERS


A HUGE THANK YOU FROM ME, JAMES AND ALL AT NYERO TRAINING CENTRE Thank you so much to all of you who contributed towards the urgent work the Ministry of Education required James to complete by 15th October - for which he had no money! (If you're wondering what I'm talking about, look at my … Continue reading DONATIONS RECEIVED FOR UGANDA

“Queen of Katwe” on BBC2 THIS AFTERNOON

This is a true and extraordinary feature film about how learning to play chess in the slums of Kampala (Uganda) transformed the lives of many children, but especially one girl who went on to become a world champion. It is filmed in Kampala and beautifully acted by local children with enormous natural talent. It is … Continue reading “Queen of Katwe” on BBC2 THIS AFTERNOON


WARNING - this is a begging post. I'm sorry. Please look at this REQUEST for urgent funds needed by Nyero Alternative Technology Training Centre in Uganda to enable it to re-open after being closed for 7 months due to the pandemic. Although it is not a government institution, Ministry of Education officials have just visited … Continue reading HELP NEEDED URGENTLY IN UGANDA

BIRDS WITH GREEN FEATHERS – Lisa’s Bird Challenge of the week

Lisa (from Florida) sets a weekly bird 'challenge' which I haven't responded to for the last few weeks. This week, it is BIRDS WITH GREEN FEATHERS.   Although it's taken me hours, I have really enjoyed going through hundreds of my photos today picking out birds with green  - such an amazing variety and many … Continue reading BIRDS WITH GREEN FEATHERS – Lisa’s Bird Challenge of the week


Immigration is a sensitive topic in the UK amongst many people and is behind many political decisions, not least being one of the most significant factors for so many who voted for Brexit (to leave the EU) in 2016. But do we really know the facts behind the immigration figures? I didn’t, until I started … Continue reading IMMIGRATION to the UK

A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 130, Saturday

The final photos are from far away - in Norway (when I turned over in bed in the campervan at 3.00am one night and saw these beautiful clouds) and on the Equator in Uganda where you have to be out by 6.30am for the best chance of seeing animals in the National Parks. The sunrises … Continue reading A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 130, Saturday