I’m “cheating” again today because I want to show you some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Uganda.

The first set are a series of three truly magnificant waterfalls in the foothills of Mount Elgon, around Sipi in Kapchorwa.


Then there is the Nile which leaves Lake Victoria at Jinja as a broad and powerful river to start its long journey northwards to the Mediterranean through four countries. With a drop of only 3,720 feet in 4,130 miles (1,134 m in 6,650 km), its waterfalls are mostly wide and turbulent, as at Itanda (a few miles north of Jinja) and Karuma (Kabalega). However, Murchison Falls is extraordinary: around 300 cu.m per second is forced through a gap in the rocks only 7 m (23 ft) wide and falls 43 m (141 ft). Photos simply can’t do it justice.

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