MOMENTUM FOR CHANGE (updated with live links)



Nothing should go back to “normal”.
Why not? Why ever not?
“Normal” wasn’t working
for the majority of the world.

If we go back
to the old status quo,
we’ll have lost the opportunity
for a needed new start.

May we rise up and do better
by joining all together
and all of us building
But how? How can this happen?

By pushing the huge boulder
uphill with each other,
’til it reaches the very top.

Too much is at stake
for us to not even try.

Once at the top, then it will start
to roll all the way down,
under the momentum
which together we’ve built up.

No one can do it all on their own,
no country can do it all on its own.
Nor can we push the boulder high up
by sitting at the bottom
during the current lockdown.

But together, right now
for the sake of the world,
we can all make a start,
right here where we are.

Please don’t delay – don’t put it off.
A few people already
are starting to push
this huge boulder up.

But without all your help,
we simply won’t succeed.

Here’s how we can start,
             whoever we are, wherever we are:
1. Share this post as widely as possible – by email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, across all your networks
2. Write to your leaders (political, religious, community, etc)
3. Sign this open letter
4. Sign this petition
5. Share your ideas, contacts and links – and your news and successes

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