"What's on your mind?" That's what Facebook asked me in the "Create Post" space! So what was on my mind when I wrote on Facebook this morning? Those of you who follow me on Facebook, where I and others have been posting several updates each day, will know that the answer is, sadly, UGANDA yet … Continue reading CRISIS IN UGANDA


In his Christmas message to the people of Uganda on 22nd December 2020, Anglican Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba said (amongst other things), "I want to talk about campaigns and elections. Elected leaders are important in any country’s governance, and Christians are called to exercise their electoral responsibilities of voting and making their voices heard in the … Continue reading IS ANYTHING WORTH DYING FOR IN UGANDA TODAY?


In the midst of so much poverty and suffering, corruption and violence in Uganda, there is also so much goodness, which gives hope and inspiration. Let me tell you about some of these "little, insignificant, ordinary" people from Teso (in north eastern Uganda) who are making a difference in their own families and communities on … Continue reading HOPE AND INSPIRATION IN UGANDA


With only ten days left before Uganda's Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on 14th January, Catholic Archbishop Lwanga has called all Ugandans to three days of prayer and fasting starting tomorrow (Monday, January 4th). Elections are held every five years. President Museveni (aged 76) has now been in power for nearly 35 years having changed the … Continue reading PRAYER AND FASTING IN UGANDA


  It's Christmas Day tomorrow! In many Western countries at least, it will be very different from any other Christmas in our memories. Without all the partying and feasting, present-opening and drinking with family and friends, perhaps there is more time to reflect on "the reason for the season". What is Christmas all about? Is … Continue reading “THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”

“The Least Racist is Still Racist”

I am writing this particularly for all those who, like me, are “white” and therefore automatically racist. Is your response to that, “But I’m not racist”? I also liked to think I wasn’t racist – and I certainly don’t want to be a racist. I am appalled by and ashamed of the consequences of racism … Continue reading “The Least Racist is Still Racist”

A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 170, Thursday

We saw this piece of driftwood on Port Eynon beach on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales. Someone had erected it amongst the rocks. Why had they done that? Did they see something in it? What does it look like to you?   For me, it was a simple and totally unexpected, although stark, reminder of … Continue reading A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 170, Thursday


An imaginary discussion amongst Christians “We need to talk about race.” “Do we? Why?” “Who says we must?” “Because Black Lives Matter.” “But ALL lives matter, not just black lives.” “What is race and racism anyway?” “Isn’t it something to do with apartheid? We don’t have that problem in Britain.” “Racism is having malicious intent … Continue reading WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT RACE

BREAD OF LIFE – a reflection

A NEW SHORT ANIMATED FILM added to my collection..... Only today, someone asked if I was working on an animated video project as she hadn't seen any more videos from me for a long time! Well, here is the next one - and perhaps the last? I have just completed a 'big' project, making a … Continue reading BREAD OF LIFE – a reflection


The plea to the world's leaders not to go back to "normal" after COVID-19 is going unheard. What about the cry that "Black Lives Matter"? Will that also fade away into the world's distant memory? "People of colour" have been crying all around the world for generations. Or will it be different this time? Is … Continue reading UNHEARD CRIES