PETITION to sign in response to AFTER COVID, WHAT NEXT

Here is something positive we can all do to make our governments think twice before bailing out international airlines and going back to the old way of doing things.

Please consider signing this petition: You will see that there is a list of countries to choose from, including the option for International, depending on where you live.

The petition is organised by an international collaboration of many organisations, scientists and experts called Stay Grounded.  “STAY GROUNDED is a people-powered, science-based, and action-oriented network for more than 150 member initiatives around the world. The network fosters mutual support and exchange of experiences, and campaigns for a reduction of aviation and its negative impacts, as well as against problematic climate strategies like offsetting emissions and biofuels. Join our efforts for a just mobility system that works for all, now and in the future.”

Consider signing up for their Newsletter:

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