I’m sorry if you are tired of hearing about Uganda from me, but the situation is still bad and the world is still not taking any action.

A Ugandan called Brian has recently signed the online UGANDA Petition. He explained why he was signing:

“I am signing this petition because I am deeply concerned and traumatised by the violent events unfolding in Uganda since the elections 2021 started. The current regime of the dictator Museveni has killed, is killing, torturing, imprisoning, abducting and kidnapping Ugandans for loving and supporting our authentic President Elect (Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert, Bobi Wine of NUP). I CALL UPON THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and all friends of Uganda and of freedom, democracy and peace to come in and take real actions against the dictator. UGANDANS VOTED FOR Kyagulanyi. But Museveni, like he has been doing, rigged the election. We call for an independent audit of the just concluded election and give our victory back. I thank you in advance!” 

If, as Brian asks, you are  a “friend of freedom, democracy and peace”, will you respond to his request to speak out – on behalf of those in Uganda who can’t?

You can help by signing and sharing this petition (if you haven’t already done so) and SHARING it AGAIN and AGAIN in as many ways as possible – until the world takes notice and acts as it is doing for Myanmar and other places of conflict. (Please sign using a computer or compatible mobile device if possible to ensure your signature is registered.)

Not enough people are signing the petition to make any real impact. I have found that on the days I share the petition repeatedly (especially on Twitter and Facebook, in response to “likes” and “comments” made by people seeing my earlier posts), the number of signatures shoots up. But on days I do nothing, only three or four people sign!

If you aren’t able to share it widely, would you perhaps consider making a small donation to Change.org instead please, which they will use to send it to subscribers who are concerned about human rights and democracy. To do this, go to the petition page and click on the red bar which says Promote this petition. When donations are made, the petition is sent to people I don’t know and the signatures increase!

Every day action is delayed, more innocent people are being cruelly abducted, tortured and killed.

Finally, let me share this message I received in the early hours of Saturday morning from a friend living in Kampala.

I am truly sorry for disturbing you but the truth is I no longer sleep at night. I and the rest of Ugandans are living in fear. Yesterday our electricity was switched off all over Uganda and this is the second time it’s happening. And the worst part of it, my president HE. BOBI WINE is also not safe at all. I have a feeling that Museveni has bad intentions behind switching off the electricity and the armed man [placed] at my President’s home. CAN’T ANYTHING BE DONE 😥😥 BOBI WINE HAS GONE THROUGH A LOT. What do you think the world is waiting for before coming to our rescue? Is everyone waiting for Bobi to be killed by Museveni, then they would come up? BUT WHY, WHY, WHY? Museveni is too evil and doesn’t care killing anyone. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING. My country is bleeding. 😭😭😭😭”

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