SHORT-LEGGED BIRDS – Lisa’s Bird Challenge of the week


Lisa’s challenge this week is Short-legged Birds. I’ve noticed that the bigger short-legged birds all seem to waddle – look at any duck! And little birds, just like little people, have to take so many more steps to keep up with those who have long legs, a problem I have experienced all my life, especially with my father! Unlike short-legged birds, I don’t have the advantage of being able to fly!

12 thoughts on “SHORT-LEGGED BIRDS – Lisa’s Bird Challenge of the week

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    • Thank you, Lisa. The Arctic Terns were also on the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland, along with the Puffins. It is a wonderful place for sea bird nesting colonies – one advantage of our country being an island!

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      • I really need to win the lottery! I have so much traveling I want to do and sure can’t afford but one trip every year or two. Now, who knows with the pandemic not going away anytime soon. Florida has opened up 100%, yet we have over 100 deaths per day. Ugh! 🙂

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      • We didn’t start travelling until we were 60, and then only one other country in two years. I hope your time and opportunity will come in the future. That’s unbelievable that Florida has no restrictions when there are so many daily deaths – seems very irresponsible and unfair on those who have to go out to work and take risks.

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      • You said exactly how we feel. Donald Trump’s “mini me” Ron Desantis is our Governor. This is all a big political stunt before the elections. Trump was in Jacksonville the other night for a political rally. No one had masks and they were shoulder to shoulder….thousands of his dumb ass followers! Mark my words, we will see another surge! We are never going to get back to normal at this rate! The lack of responsibility and the “who gives a crap about you anyway” attitude is wearing me out! Thanks for letting me vent! LOL! 🙂


      • I’m always hesitant about saying anything negative about Trump to Americans because we hear he still has many supporters and could even win the Presidential election again, which is beyond our understanding. So I’m relieved to know you aren’t one of his supporters! I have American cousins living in Alaska who are deeply embarrassed and concerned about Trump. It is extremely worrying not only for the USA but for the whole world if Trump is re-elected. Sadly, we also have a “mini Trump” as our Prime Minister here in the UK. These are not good times.

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      • I was a life long Republican and couldn’t consciously continue to be so because of Trump & the actions of the Republican leadership. I changed sides last December before the lockdown even happened. I’ve lost some friends over this crap. Not because of my feelings but because of theirs. He is a disgrace and 200K people are dead because he lies and can’t lead. It’s really scary to think of another 4 years of him.

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      • I feel for you – and millions like you. What sort of people are supporting him?!?! And now it’s been revealed again he doesn’t even contribute by paying his fair share of taxes. We’ve heard most people have already decided how they will vote, so I do hope the Presidential Debate today makes enough people think again and change their minds.

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