A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 160, Monday

Surely, no one can fail to be enchanted by dragonflies because of their colours
and markings, their darting behaviour and moments of basking in the sun?

Dragonflies and Damselflies are very difficult to photograph unless they sit still for a few moments. The Migrant Hawker does actually hover for a few seconds at a time, which gives one a slim chance of focussing on it while actually in flight!


The extraordinarily symmetrical photo below is a Daddy Longlegs, one of the Cranefly species. It has only six legs (as it is an insect) which are so long it has wrapped them around two blades of grass! Can you trace one leg at a time?! I’m not sure if the leaves were overlapping anyway or whether the Daddy Longlegs is holding them in that position.

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