A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 142, Thursday

The weather turned out quite well last Thursday, so it was back to the beach – this time, Broad Haven, another favourite. While the family went body boarding, I walked round to Little Haven where there is a huge cave in the cliff. Having a fear of water, being a poor swimmer and not having gone into the UK sea since 1962 because it is too cold, I am lost in admiration for the way they all immerse themselves in the waves and have so much fun. But I do love taking photos of them!

2 thoughts on “A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 142, Thursday

    • Yes – many happy memories. But the last time (was it in 1978?) was the end of camping for us after being flooded out!! I said I would prefer not to go on holiday at all than go through that experience again!! And I expect there are people saying the same after last week’s weather – and what’s coming this week. We met a family twice on the first three days with four children under about 7, a puppy and a pregnant mum – they were at the beginning of a two week camping holiday. We kept thinking about them and wondering how they are getting on or if they have given up and gone home.


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