A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 140, Tuesday

View of part of Marloes Sands from the path down to the beach

The only day of our week in Pembrokeshire with a good forecast was last Tuesday, so we chose that day to go to what is our all-time favourite UK beach – Marloes Sands. It has everything you could possibly want: a vast sandy beach and safe swimming, cliffs and amazing jagged rock formations, rock pools and boulders creating many mini landscapes – something to keep everyone happy for a whole day. We spent many days on Marloes Sands in the 1980s when we used to camp nearby with our young family and friends. It hasn’t changed at all, perhaps partly because there is quite a steep half mile walk down to the beach (and back at the end of the day!) so there are not so many people and no commercial facilities to spoil it.

(Some of the photos are from last year, when we had more family with us.)

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