MYSTERY SOLVED about photos for Day 137, Saturday

Yesterday, I posted photos of this strange object I photographed last year on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and asked if anyone knew what it was for. A big thank you to David P and to Chris and Derek G (three of my faithful Blog followers) for succeeding where I had failed in tracking down what this rusty object was made and used for. It seems that it is about 150 years old. Go to the end for the answer …….


Seriously – does anyone have any idea what this is? I have tried to find out, but failed. It is clearly of some significance as it has been erected in the middle of the Coast Path!


I have rotated this image so that you can read the writing more easily. I have searched for it on the internet.


Here is what it is and how it was used. It is an impressive creation made to last, with almost as much below ground as above, but of no use on its own!! What a shame! I wonder where all the other posts are?


And here are some more photos.

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