I thought I would contribute a few photos of birds with blue feathers which is the theme for Lisa Coleman’s weekly bird challenge this week.

Most of my photos are taken in the UK where I live and Uganda which is second home for me and I visit at least once a year. I am privileged to have visited a variety of other countries in search of birds and wildlife.

Kingfishers perhaps have the most spectacular blue feathers and are found in most countries although they are usually shy and elusive, so difficult to photograph well.

4 thoughts on “FEATHERS OF BLUE Bird Challenge

  1. WOW! That’s all I can say about your post today! Well, maybe not! I think I need to go to Uganda and Brazil. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! So much color in all these birds! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing avian marvels! 🙂


    • Brazil was a one-off visit, but I am always happy to take people to Uganda with me, especially if they are interested in staying with village families and looking for birds (and other wildlife).

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