I’ve been off-line for about two weeks but am excited to tell you all that we are off to our granddaughter Becky’s wedding to Rob Spencer this afternoon, Friday 11th June! We’re so excited.

Rob and Becky at their Graduation as doctors from Cardiff University in 2019

Their wedding was postponed last November because of lockdown. We are still under some restrictions so it will be a “scientific” wedding (to use the Ugandan phrase!). We are very privileged to be amongst the few who are able to attend the service in Emmanuel Church, Loughborough at 3.00pm followed by a meal for 30.

They will be having a party for all their family and friends on 24th July – if Covid restrictions are lifted on 21st June (although there is some uncertainty about that). They have asked that we don’t post photos on social media today until after July 24th so that the two events are brought together, especially for those who can’t come today.

Some of our friends in Teso know Becky as she has visited with me three times over the years for medical experience.  Rob also came with in 2015 for medical experience in Ngora and Soroti. They are both now fully qualified doctors working in Glasgow although they will be moving to Cardiff in August to start new jobs there.

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