VICE News Video Report from UGANDA

“After an unsuccessful bid to become Uganda’s next president, Bobi Wine and his supporters continue to be persecuted by a government they accuse of abductions and torture.”

This VICE News Video Report about what is happening in Uganda is worth watching and sharing.

Please also read this page on the Petition to the UN Human Rights Council about the ongoing abductions, torture and murders of anyone suspected of being an opposition supporter.

MPs are currently being sworn-in to Parliament in Uganda. Look at these two contrasting MPs. Which one would you want to represent you in Parliament?

Muhammad Ssegirinya (centre), NUP MP for Kawempe (Kampala), taking the oath in Parliament, is still very frail and unwell. He was abducted about two months ago and, while detained, was tortured and poisoned. He was released on the point of death but after several weeks in hospital, he is slowly recovering but cannot walk unaided. Like Bobi Wine and all NUP leaders, he is an advocate of nonviolence, even as a victim of torture and in the face of such terrible human rights abuses.

Lt. Gen. Elwelu has also just been sworn in to Parliament as one of the Army MPs. He has never been brought to justice for the massacre of about 150 men, women and children in Kasese (western Uganda) in 2016. In this interview, he said: “Those were criminals . . . . They deserved death . . . .  I was on the ground . . . .  I am a judge of my own.”


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