Sunday 21st March 2021
Bobi Wine tweeted this news:
This morning, the home of my elder brother, Nyanzi Fred was attacked by heavily armed security operatives travelling in a ‘drone’. They put all family members on gun point. Sensing danger, Nyanzi was able to escape, but they took his adopted son, Happy Mugisha. The intimidation!”


Fred Nyanzi said today (22nd March): “I’ve lived with this young innocent soul, my dear adopted son, Happy Mugisha (age 15) for the last 7 years. When my wife went to Kira Road Police Station to report his abduction, police attempted to arrest her claiming she was giving them false information.”

Tweet from a Ugandan
In Uganda, our freedom to speak and to express our views concerning our country’s politics has became a death sentence. And what breaks our hearts is that the Biden US Government knows the ongoing kidnapping and torturing by dictator Museveni while you are the one funding him to torture us.”

Sadly, this is true. The USA is the largest supporter of Museveni’s security forces. Without that money, the security forces would never have been able to carry out Museveni’s commands and seriously abuse of the human rights of thousands of opposition supporters who dare to stand up for democracy.
In response to my concern that every day action is delayed, the more young people there are who are tortured and killed, another Ugandan tweeted this: “Yes indeed the more we delay the more acts of impunity and extrajudicial murdering are increasing. We need to be ourselves to find a solution since those [Museveni] mafias only care about themselves. You are doing much more, we shall overcome this – let us continue pushing harder.

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