Stephie: “I am signing because I want change and I want to be free from this corrupt government of a murderer m7 [Museveni].
Because of the thousands of innocent Ugandans that were murdered before and after the elections 2021.
Because of the innocent Ugandans that are abducted by the regime each day – among them is my Best friend.”

Stephen: “I desperately need freedom in my country. Rule of law and constitutionalism must be respected and most importantly the right to life.”

Denis: “I need Justice in Uganda. Free all political prisoners.”

Paul:Uganda isn’t safe for Ugandans any more apart from those in power.

Maria: “I am tired of seeing my country bleeding.”

Mabid: “Because l need every one to have their freedom.

Kizito: “Innocent Ugandan lives matter.

Eunice: “There’s a silent genocide in Uganda and human rights violation by Museveni, Muhoozi and the security operatives #UgandaIsBleeding.”

Lenon: “Because we need the world to come and join us as we cry for help. Their is a silent genocide by Gen. Museveni on all supporters of Bobi Wine. And we need the world to join us.

Mutyaba: “Am signing because am a Ugandan living in Uganda where the abuse of Human Rights is on everyday menu.”

Jovia: “Lives of Ugandan’s should be valued and whoever takes someone’s life should be held accountable. Security organisations aren’t judges to pass judgements of death to Ugandans without fair hearing. This should stop.”

Please support them and other Ugandans by SIGNING and SHARING this PETITION.


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