A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 147, Tuesday

Now it’s time to show you some of the foxes we’ve had in our garden over the years.

We knew foxes were around as we had heard their mating calls in our first January in the house (2001) and occasionally saw them in the road. Then we became aware they were coming into the garden. In 2010, they dug a den in the corner of the garden.

Also in 2010, we were eating lunch one day when we saw this beautiful fox drinking from our little pond just outside the patio door – we couldn’t believe our luck! Foxes are usually nocturnal.


In 2011, we saw our first (and only) cubs in the garden.


The life of wild animals is not always charmed. Over Christmas 2018, I was shocked when I got up one morning and looked out over the garden and saw this fox hanging on the fence. Sadly, it was dead by then. It had obviously not quite made it when it tried to jump over the fence and slipped down between the bars. The bars were deeply scratched where it had attempted to get free. It was in beautiful condition.

Whilst in Scotland one year, we saw this fox in the distance searching for food at low tide amongst the seaweed and rocks at the edge of a loch.

And last year, whilst walking on the coastal path in Wales, we saw this fox which watched us for a while, apparently quite relaxed – it was even happy to scratch itself!

Foxes have very distinctive droppings – solid with a white ‘tail’ and usually full of fur.

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