My Lockdown Movies on YouTube

I have now edited, revised and updated seven very short videos, mostly animations, and posted them on YouTube. They last from between one and two minutes each – although they take hours to photograph and make! “Watching Time” involved taking 315 photos every three minutes from early morning until evening and “Dancing Fun” involved taking 725 photos.  Unfortunately, I have had to remove the most suitable music tracks to post them on YouTube, for copyright reasons.

If you want to watch them, click on this LINK

The titles are:

  • Stones breaking out – animation
  • Stones on the move – animation
  • Shells come out to play – animation
  • High pressure fun – in slow motion
  • All in a day – speeded up film of iris flowers opening
  • Watching Time – a home-made sundial with a little twist (look out for what the shells are up to!)
  • Dancing Fun – animation of stones ‘dancing’ in formation reminiscent of English country dancing

2 thoughts on “My Lockdown Movies on YouTube

  1. Your videos are a delight!  Well worth all the time you have put in to making them. Re your comment on music copyright. I’ve had trouble with youtube and music copyright too – I once included a fanfare lasting three seconds, and a youtube algorithm picked up on it and warned me that if I used copyright music again I would be banned from youtube!    That’s why, whenever use music on videos I now put them on vimeo with password protection – so that only those friends who receive an email from me are able to view my videos.  I don’t know whether this fully satisfies copyright rules or n ot, but it’s never raised any problems.  (The trouble with vimeo though is that there is an annual fee for the full use of it).



    • Thank you for your appreciation. I have a more demanding project in mind, on inclusive community! I put all my videos (with music of my choice) on Vimeo first, without any password protection, and never had any trouble! Don’t know if that’s illegal and they just don’t pick it up like YouTube does. Or perhaps they cover the copyright fees???


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