A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 183, Wednesday




Did you know that . . . .

. . . there are 66 Lighthouses around the coast of the UK and Channel Islands. Those in England and Wales are maintained by the charity Trinity House (with some funding from port taxes collected by the government).

Each Lighthouse has it’s own unique pattern and timing of light flashes (or sound when there is a fog) so that sailors can identify where they are and avoid dangers, such as sandbanks and rocks.


4 thoughts on “A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 183, Wednesday

  1. I’ve rarely seen most of the magnificent things you show in your lovely photos but today, the lighthouses at Dungeness I’ve known since a child!  My parents used to fish off the beach there, my Father would go out fishing in one of the fishing boats belonging to the Oiler family, one of the old families of Dungeness, and on occasion my parents would rent one of the “shacks” for their summer holiday. Friends and I were there a couple of months ago – lunch at The Pilot and then a walk to admire Derek Jarman’s cottage and garden. Heading down that way tomorrow as friends are playing golf at Lydd.  My friend Shelagh and I will probably head to Hythe…I trust you are keeping well and do keep the photos coming! God bless you, Anne

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    • Thank you, Anne. Great to hear of your visits to Dungeness over such a long period. Wait until Saturday for more Dungeness photos – a treat, I hope! I love the unusual and quirky environment there.


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