BIRDS OF PREY – Our Eyes Open Challenge for the week

Lisa Colman (Our Eyes Open), who lives in Florida, sets a weekly bird “challenge” on her Blog for other Bloggers to share. She has posted some wonderful photos of birds of prey on her Blog and has also given so much interesting information about them.

I’m responding by sharing some of the photos of birds of prey I have taken in Uganda (my second home) as I don’t have any good photos taken in the UK.

3 thoughts on “BIRDS OF PREY – Our Eyes Open Challenge for the week

  1. Well, this challenge was certainly meant for you! 🙂 Holy Moly! What a gallery of Birds of Prey! The only bird I’ve ever seen is the Osprey. Uganda has a lot of natural vacuum cleaners. We only have 2 Vultures here in the US. I can’t even say I have a favorite here. The lighting on the Lizard Buzzard is outstanding & to catch it with a lizard. Love them all! 🙂

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments. We don’t normally have any Vultures in the UK – until, that is, this year, when a Lammergeier (aka Bearded Vulture) arrived from Europe and has stayed in one locality for about 2 months now, all on its own! I haven’t actually travelled north to look for it. We’ve seen Ospreys in many countries – they certainly get around on their different migratory routes.

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