For the last day of ruins, I’m taking you to the Scottish Highlands (still part of the UK at the time of writing this!)

Caisteal (castle) Tioram is a ruined 13th/14th Century castle that sits on the tidal island of Eilean Tioram in Loch Moidart, Lochaber, about 80 km from Fort William. Although hidden from the sea, the castle controlled access to Loch Shiel. We went there at low tide, so were able to walk onto the island and around the castle.

3 thoughts on “A PHOTO A DAY HELPS …… Day 95

  1. Beautiful images , & yes, a photo a day helps . We are living in a time of so many unknown and fears , & finding a hobby that help us heal and relax makes a difference. Covid 19 is rising again here in California. Some are trying , others stopped , either way, it will be a long dark battle as people continue to get sick and die. For now, we try to live life the best we know how and spend happy times with family. Take care.


    • Thank you for appreciating all my photos from the past week – and for writing a comment. It sound as though it is getting really bad in the USA, as a result of not enough precautions in time. The problem is that it is the most vulnerable, who also have less influence, who are put at so much risk. So sorry for you all. At least we have felt relatively safe, locked away in our home. And yes, looking back through all my photos since I went digital about 16 years ago has been great, which is why I decided to start sharing them. I have been encouraged by how so many people have been enjoying them. Best wishes for the dark days ahead.

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      • I think people got tired staying home & feeling suffocated . Me becomes more than we, & it doesn’t matter anymore to some of the elderlies and vulnerable might get sick because of people defying the guidelines. What people don’t realize that everyone suffers in the end . No such thing a free fun, with covid19 , it has consequences. I appreciate the honest feedback . At least in cyber world , people get to find inspiration & positivity.

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